Competent? !!

Yesterday’s area committee touched a new low as far as I was concerned. Not only did we hear a very good argument from the public about getting a move on to resurface the Dunoon 5 a side cages, we also got the usual arguments from the council leader as to why we could not do… Continue reading Competent? !!

Explain this please!

Here is the text of an email sent this afternoon to the other councillors, the press and the 4 complainants. I need say no more. I had hoped that I could update you to say that a line could now be drawn under the complaint against me by Messrs Loudon, Sneddon, Hendry and Milne. This… Continue reading Explain this please!

Mrs Loudon accuses!

Happy New Year to one and all. The Standards Commissioner’s office responded well to the subject access requests I made and, while it will take a while to go through the material, one nugget has emerged which I now share with you. Similar requests to the council have produced almost nothing. I today sent all… Continue reading Mrs Loudon accuses!

More FOI problems

My last post was on the manner in which the council responded to the FOIs raised about the costs incurred in the complaint against me. This can be read here. I followed this up with an email today to all councillors and the press, as follows: From: Breslin, Michael Sent: 20 December 2016 10:13 To:… Continue reading More FOI problems

Fantasy FOI Land

People have been asking questions about the costs of the 2 complaints and I posted a blog on this here. Today, we moved into complete fantasy territory because Angus Files from Oban had appealed against the original FOI reply that said there were no costs to the council because they didn’t have the information requested.… Continue reading Fantasy FOI Land

Response to Mr Sneddon

I have been taking advice on how to respond to the statement by Mr Sneddon which I published here. What follows went today to all councillors, the press and Michael Russell MSP. The statement read out by Mr Sneddon at the meeting of Argyll & Bute Council on 24 November 2016 cannot be left unchallenged.… Continue reading Response to Mr Sneddon

How not to handle an FOI

At least 2 people asked the council how much the complaint against me cost them in staff time and other costs. ┬áThe council eventually replied saying there had been no cost to the council. When I found this out I wrote to the officer who deals with FOIs on 21 November, as follows, with all… Continue reading How not to handle an FOI

Statement by Mr Sneddon

Last night we got the statement Mr Sneddon read out at last Thursday’s council meeting. I am currently taking advice on this. I have also asked him for some clarification on points within it. At this stage I am making no comment but there are aspects of it I am very unhappy with. Here it… Continue reading Statement by Mr Sneddon

Council Meeting 26/11/16

I have witnessed lots of poor behaviour at council meetings but Thursday past topped the lot. Item 15 on the agenda was the report from the Standards Commissioners about the complaint made against me by the senior officers, Sneddon, Loudon (now CEO with Cosla), Hendry and Milne. I had asked Mr Sneddon to have some… Continue reading Council Meeting 26/11/16