Oban and the cooncil marina

I’ve been having a rest from the blog for the last few months but the topic above will feature once I get replies to questions I have asked. Meanwhile, Cllr Julie McKenzie from the Oban North ward has asked some searching questions of a senior council officer by the name of Pippa Milne. Pippa was… Continue reading Oban and the cooncil marina

Walsh, the vindictive, again

Even though the most wretched councillor I’ve ever come across is no longer a councillor, he left a wee parting gift. He complained about me to the Commissioner for Ethical Standards before he left with 2 elements to his complaint: The first was about what happened at the February area committee meeting when a motion… Continue reading Walsh, the vindictive, again

Rothesay Joint Campus

I have written before about the appalling mismanagement of this school in the period from around 2010/11 onwards until the then head teacher was removed, at long last. However, the current chief executive of the council, Cleland Sneddon, was overall in charge of education until he got the heid bummer’s post last year. He has… Continue reading Rothesay Joint Campus

“Behaviours” Part 4

I have just emailed councillors, senior officers and the press with the following: This again comes from the case papers relating to the complaint against me by Messrs Loudon, Sneddon, Milne and Hendry. The same preamble given in part 1 applies, ie I have used the word BLANK where the case papers were redacted. This… Continue reading “Behaviours” Part 4

“Behaviours” Part 3

I have just sent what follows to all councillors, senior officials and the press: The same preamble applies as outlined in “Behaviours” Part 1 issued on 17 March, ie all this comes from the case files in the failed complaint against me. Here is part 3 and it’s substantially more serious than parts 1 and… Continue reading “Behaviours” Part 3

“Behaviours” Part 2

The first instalment describing the behaviour of council officers was posted here. This is all material that I provided to the Commissioner for Ethical Standards during the failed complaint by the then 4 most senior council officers. My view was, and remains, that this was a deliberate attempt to shut me up. They hated (and… Continue reading “Behaviours” Part 2

Education Inspection Report

Education Scotland today released one of the worst ever inspection reports on an education service. You can read it all at this link: argyllbuteinea210317 If you want to see the summary assessment only, ie their assessment against the quality criteria, it’s as follows: Earlier today, the acting executive director covering education issued a quite extraordinary… Continue reading Education Inspection Report

“Behaviours”, Part 1

To complete the story about Calum McMillan, Audit Scotland has refused to look into the expenditure incurred by the council defending his claim. Further approaches have been made to Audit Scotland by myself and Michael Russell, but we doubt they will heed them. Anyway, I have just sent the following to all councillors, the 4… Continue reading “Behaviours”, Part 1