Two fingers to the public and councillors.

If you read the previous blogs on Empowering our Educators, you would think we were still in a consultation phase and that any decisions will be made at the next Community Services meeting of the council.

Despite that, the following letter was issued the other day by Douglas Hendry:

This appears to be jumping the gun, big time. Why make a post of executive head permanent before councillors make a decision? Two fingers indeed. But not only that, the model proposed has hardly gone down well with the people of Tiree. Look at this extract from the survey the community council did:

To see the full results, they are at this link:

Argyll & Bute Council doing what they always do. Stuff the public, stuff the consultation, we’ll just do what we want anyway.

By breslin_admin

I am a retired college principal and, for 5 years, a retired former councillor with Argyll & Bute Council. A member of South Cowal Community Council.

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