Education, again.

Read an interesting piece in The Ferret today on councils who use PR companies, or spin doctors as some would describe them. Well worth a read but here is my tweet of this morning:

Education, yet again

With the permission of both councillors Donald Kelly and Mark Irvine, I reproduce below what they have sent today to all councillors and various other parties. It is good to see that over one weekend we have had the SNP Group (Link here) coming out with a clear statement of opposition to this madcap idea,… Continue reading Education, yet again

Empowering our Educators (5)

With the permission of Iona Community Council, I am posting this which has been sent today, 22 June, to all councillors and copied to most if not all of the community councils in Argyll & Bute: Dear Councillors,  We are writing as Iona Community Council to urge you, as the Council’s democratic decision makers, to… Continue reading Empowering our Educators (5)

Empowering our Educators (4)

After yesterday’s blog with the commented version of Cllr McNeilly’s reply to Tracy Mayo, I decided that it was time to press McNeilly as she had avoided answering most of what Tracy had asked her. Another person involved in this, and asking lots of questions, has stated publicly that “we have been lied to”. She… Continue reading Empowering our Educators (4)

Empowering our Educators (2)

Having asked a number of questions about the above, it seems only fair to share on of the responses and a further query raised after the material released under FOI surfaced. What follows is their reply dated 21 December from someonee called Louise. Note her reply to Q5 which omits the savings figure of £675k… Continue reading Empowering our Educators (2)

Empowering our Educators (1)

Argyll & Bute Council has a project that it claims will empower our educators by creating clusters of schools. The details were at at but this site is now closed, which isn’t very helpful. The consultation part could have been closed and the content left….. However, I saved the initial presentation and this can… Continue reading Empowering our Educators (1)