Council Budget tomorrow

As per past year, Cllr Walsh will produce his budget on the day. That means none of us has had the opportunity to see it, so we have no idea what’s in it.

Worse, the Provost has stated that the budget motion will be read out and seconded then any amendment to be read out and seconded. He has stated he will not allow any adjournment “until the motion and all amendments have been stated and tabled”. That means amendments need to be devised without having sight of the budget motion. It’s pretty damned hard to amend something you haven’t seen. That’s why the 2nd clause in our amendment has been inserted but if the Walsh motion was one we did want to support, we simply are unable to. Shocking. Divide and rule.

The way the council constitution works you also can only vote for one thing, ie the motion or any amendments. That deliberately splits the opposition vote if there are 2 amendments.

The whole thing is a travesty of democracy and Walsh is at the heart of all of this. I hope Audit Scotland read this blog because what Walsh is doing is exactly what he was criticised for by them last year. Anyway, below is the link to the amendment from the Reform Group of myself Bruce Marshall and Vivien Dance. This differs a bit from what was drafted on this blog a few days ago but it had to be tweaked a bit to ensure it was competent.

The amendment can be read here. It’s been sent out this evening to all councillors.








  1. The budget should be defunded from Kilmory – they are incompetent in funding anything apart for their selfish self’s. The budget could be doubled and it would still be a mish mash in the hither tither affecting all- but the ones who decide over it.

  2. I wish you, Bruce and Vivien all the very best in putting forward your points of views, amendments or motions regarding the Walsh Budget. We at least know you three do not bow to pressure by Walsh and his cronies.

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