Rothesay Harbour: A Sorry Saga

I have made a point of not saying much in this blog about the goings on at Rothesay Harbour, for 2 main reasons. One was that part of those goings on was the subject of a legal claim against the council and was a long time in getting to court and the other was that much of the 2 complaints against me related to Rothesay Harbour. The court case has been dropped and the complaint is settled, so I can now give some details.

Because I can now speak more freely about the matter, I ¬†wish to focus on the tale of a Mr Calum McMillan from Bute who owns a commercial vessel berthed in the harbour. I am going to have to tell this tale in a couple of posts on this blog and will start today with Mr McMillan’s allegations. I say allegations but, in all probability, what he alleges was true. This is because at no point were any counter claims made by council officers. Despite this, the claim made by Mr McMillan was defended at huge cost by the council. However, it’s best to let Mr McMillan speak for himself so the link below is to his Affidavit that was lodged with his court papers.

In summary, Mr McMillan alleged that various devices were used to keep him and his vessel out of his home port for a number of years, at a large cost to him, to the council and to the economy of the Island of Bute.¬†Below is Mr McMillan’s Affidavit which I recommend you read in full because in the next several days I will bring you fully up to date with why the court case was dropped and what has happened since then. It is not a happy story.