More FOI problems

My last post was on the manner in which the council responded to the FOIs raised about the costs incurred in the complaint against me. This can be read here.

I followed this up with an email today to all councillors and the press, as follows:

From: Breslin, Michael
Sent: 20 December 2016 10:13
To: Hendry, Douglas; Sneddon, Cleland (; ‘’; Milne, Pippa
Cc: Armour, John; Blair, Gordon; Colville, Rory; Corry, Maurice; Currie, Robin; Dance, Vivien; Devon, Mary-Jean; Freeman, George; Green, Kieron; Horn, Anne; Kelly, Donald (Councillor); Kinniburgh, David; MacDougall, Alistair; MacIntyre, Robert Graham; MacLean, Iain; MacMillan, Donald; Macintyre, Neil; Macintyre, Robert; Marshall, Bruce; McAlpine, John; McCuish, Roderick; McKenzie, Julie; McNaughton, Alex; McQueen, James; Morton, Aileen; Morton, Ellen; Mulvaney, Gary; Philand, Dougie; Robb, James (Councillor); Robertson, Elaine (Councillor); Scoullar, Len; Strong, Isobel; Taylor, Sandy; Trail, Richard; Walsh, Dick;; Campbeltown Courier (Editorial) (;;;;; ‘’; Russell MW (Michael), MSP (;
Subject: RE: New response to your FOI request – Michael Breslin v Complaint by four chief officials of Argyll and Bute Council

I note that Cllrs Walsh, E Morton and Scoullar have not replied. No surprises there then but the question posed below will continue to be asked so I ask the three of you again: in what capacity were you acting when you made the complaint?

In yesterday’s National there was more bad press for the council over the very topic below, namely the nonsensical responses to the FOIs. The article can be read here:

The problem we have is that the same Information Commissioner issued a highly critical judgement earlier this month on FOIs related to the sale of Castle Toward. I wasn’t aware of any of this until this morning’s article in The National which can be read here:

One of the many interesting aspects of this is that the report this relates to was released on 7 December but councillors, or at least most of us councillors, weren’t made aware of it. I wonder why. Were Cllrs Walsh, E Morton and Scoullar made aware of this?

Not so happy reading everyone.



  1. It beggars belief that Cllrs Walsh, E Morton and Scoullar, 3 councillors who are normally very verbose, are in these matters completely tight lipped.
    What is even worse however is that though the council have failed to give adequate response to the FOIs requested, and are now not responding to critical news articles, there seems little appetite from other authorities such as Scottish Goverment, Audit Scotland, etc, to take immediate investigative action into the whole shambles exampled by Argyll & Bute Council senior staff, and senior Councillors.

  2. Interesting development!

    Stay strong Mike….surely the nightmare must end soon and in your favour, also to the benefit of the people of A&B?!

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