Proof !

I have long known that the 2 complaints against me were the result of elected members and officers colluding with each other to silence me or even force me out of the council. Their silence to my list of questions meant I had to produce the evidence I have held bit by bit. Here was yesterday’s email to councillors and others.

I note that the silence continues so, having given proof that the 1st complaint had officer involvement, we need to look at the 2nd one where officers claim they made the complaint themselves with no political input.

Let me take you back to the special council meeting in February 2015 when the kibosh was firmly put on the community buyout of Castle Toward. In my evidence to the Standards Commissioner, I made it clear that the 2nd complaint had a political genesis. An extract from my statement to the commissioner stated:


The motion referred to, from Cllrs Mulvaney and McAlpine, was clearly well prepared in advance and, as I stated above, was probably known about by all or a large number of the administration councillors. This widens the scope of any enquiry there may be into this.

The key element of the motion that I wish to draw to your attention is as follows:


3 months or so later, the 2nd complaint was made, an unlikely coincidence I suggest. This, to me, clearly demonstrates political involvement and proves there is a direct link between the motion and the 2nd complaint. If there is no link, just what was the monitoring officer doing given his “instruction” and why did he never speak to me given that it was me that clause 4 in the motion was aimed at?

So, I think my point is well made: there was political involvement in both complaints.

  • Is anyone now willing to reply to my list of questions?
  • Are any of the administration councillors willing to spill the beans publicly?
  • Surely one of the administration councillors will have the decency to tell me, even confidentially, what was discussed and when?

Regards to one and all.



  1. These idiots seem to think that by keeping quiet then the whole saga will blow over. It is to be hoped that some, if not all, realise that their time at Kilmorylot sitting around the table looking bewildered at meetings is shortly to end in 2017. The dreadful thought is that the electorate of Argyll and Bute will elect these same known deadbeats once again to office.

  2. You’re the only person that can change everything bad at Kilmory Michael ,the Kilmory bog needs draining. We see the list of crime`s against the people multiplying each day Castle Toward, Rothesay Harbour ,Last year’s cuts, The librarians, the most recent the elderly but spritely lady in Connel (outside Oban) where new Council Houses have been built to close to her house by 9 METERS.But; its O-K, you see,the rules are for the serfs and the plebiscite’s not for the friends of a friend at Kilmoryoply ,or so they would have us all think.Behind you all the way and you gather support the longer this goes on Drain the Kilmory bog.

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