Heads in the Sand

Further enquiries have been made by The National newspaper about the complaints against me. Both the council and Cosla now seem to be in head in the sand mode. I have pasted below what I emailed to the councillors and complainants this morning, complete with the link to today’s National. To compound the Cosla position, I wrote to the political head of Cosla, Cllr David O’Neill, asking to meet him. He declined to do so today but only after I had sent the email below.

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Here is this morning’s email:

From: Breslin, Michael
Sent: 03 November 2016 10:01
To: Freeman, George; #All Councillors
Cc: Sneddon, Cleland; Hendry, Douglas; Milne, Pippa; sally.loudon@cosla.gov.uk; gordon@argyllmedia.co.uk; editor@obantimes.co.uk; editor@helensburghadvertiser.co.uk; Campbeltown Courier (Editorial) (editor@campbeltowncourier.co.uk); news@buteman.com; lesley@feistyproductions.co.uk; mghannan@btopenworld.com; Russell MW (Michael), MSP (Michael.Russell.msp@parliament.scot)
Subject: RE: Councillor Mike Breslin hails victory in landmark free speech case [NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED]

Welcome to another day in the sorry saga of Argyll & Bute Council and Cosla, the 2 organisations least willing to answer legitimate questions, and therefore the most likely to continue to get a bad press.

Here is the link to the article in today’s National:


When will this council and Cosla learn that replying to questions is in their own interests as well as those of the public? Do those who refuse to answer really think they are serving the public interest by so doing?

Every so often I intend to keep asking the questions I asked of Cllr Walsh. I will not let his dread of replying to these questions deter me. These are legitimate questions and I demand answers.

Cllr Walsh, will you now reply to the questions asked of you please?

You might all wish to know that I asked the leader of Cosla, Cllr David O’Neill, if he would be prepared to meet me to discuss the role of his chief executive in this saga. David has not replied so far, sad to say. I will, though, keep asking him.

I also wrote to Audit Scotland because I think their failure to investigate a number of issues drawn to their attention over the years has emboldened those who acted against me. Yesterday I had a reply and I will be meeting a number of their staff in Edinburgh soon. I will have a lot to say to them.



  1. Councillors have through third parties, have asked for people to stop naming and talking about them on social media so they can continue to claim huge expenses and lie about giving a ****.” The news for them is NO WE WONT!

    Well done Michael forward.

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