Typical Walsh Reply

Cllr Walsh replied to the questions put to him, see here and here. Of course, as usual, he didn’t actually reply; he just gave his usual flannel. His response was as follows and it was only to me:

I refer to your recent communication copied to me and would respond as follows:-

From your communication I note that you refer to advice supplied by the Chief Executive which I would have thought sufficiently clarifies matters for you. If however you are not content with this advice or have further issues with it then I would suggest that you take the matter up again with him. You will also be aware I am sure of the process of investigation, timing and confidentiality when complaints are lodged with the Commissioner for Ethical Standards in Public Life. Any further factual information that you require with regard to the dealing with the complaints against you I would suggest that you obtain direct from those sources. This also applies to the complaint that you refer to at point 11 in your communication.

Following the experiences of many who have communicated with you in recent times I can see no useful or worthwhile purpose in giving my thoughts/views on the recent Hearing, the Judgement, or with its outcome.

I reject completely the position promulgated by you that I have since before 2012 made you the subject of a vendetta. This embellishment , though, I accept useful to you, when viewing all of the facts, is contrary to what, in reality, has progressed in practice.

Being frank with you then I would suggest that you review all our communications. I respond to you, or not given the circumstances and tone of the communications, and as I see fit. This is my right and no amount of intended bullying or harassment from you will alter this.

So, the poor wee soul thinks that me asking questions of him is bullying or harassment. Shame on me. However, this kind of nonsense cannot be ignored so I replied saying:

You well know there is no bullying or harassment but what there is is now a refusal to answer reasonable questions. Will you therefore agree that an enquiry into this matter is now essential if matters are to be clarified?

I copied everyone back in and, as of today, he hasn’t replied to this additional question. As I said to all those copied in, you can come to your own conclusions. He won’t now reply to the list of legitimate questions so it is now even more urgent that people sign the petition to ask the Scottish Government to instigate an enquiry, link below.


As I think I said in a previous post, I submitted a subject access request to find out when the complaint against me was discussed, who was present, minutes of meetings etc. Today they said they would process my request but I had to pay them a £10 fee to find out what they were saying about me. The irony. The fee will be paid though but will it reveal anything of the inner workings against me? Who knows.


  1. If there was ever a doubt that the ****** ******* have been running Kilmoryoply that doubt is now banished forever by the reply of Walsh and the inaction from Kilmory to even apologise to Michael. Walsh burying his head in the sand,approach reeks, desperation and hoping we will all just vanish and go away .Obviously getting a straight answer from Walsh is as elusive as the Scarlet Pimpernel himself but were not going away until we do(soon be Christmas). It’s about time the Scottish Government stepped in and presented a Vote Of No Confidence in Kilmory allowing the Councillors to vote accordingly, and vote this mis-managed Council and all its bought cronies out. Shame on Walsh but then again he has no shame he is shameless and blameless the wee soul was just mis-understood..

  2. Michael, I have tears of joy streaming from my eyes at your definition of irony – what a treat before lights out! But in all seriousness, this situation deserves the most serious scrutiny and natural justice demands it.

  3. It really is so pitiful to read these superficial comments from the so called Leader of our badly discredited council. No wonder this Council has become a laughing stock in the eyes of others. I think I can hear the sound of shredders working overtime at Kilmory! Keep up the pressure Michael. Question – is there a minimum number of signatures required for the petition formally to be accepted by the Local Government Minister?

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  4. Did anyone approach you directly about feeling bullied?
    Dick Dick Walsh ever highlight specific parts of emails directly with you that he felt were disrespectful?
    Did Mr Walsh ever offer to meet with you, say he felt bullied and harassed, give specific examples about what had upset him and suggest how you could move forward positively?

    Any upset or strains in communication should always in the first instance be tackled in person. Did he or the officers ever meet in person with you about their perceptions of bullying and disrespect?

  5. Interesting about the ironic £10 search fee. Your “subject access request” would no doubt ordinarily be processed by someone of a lower rank than the senior officers involved in the complaints against you and that may very well be the case here with everything above board. However, if this doesn’t happen and there is sleight of hand in evidence I imagine we could be in the land of criminal conspiracy. There would appear to be careers at risk here and, given the number of individuals involved, there could be whistles blowing in the wind?

    1. I would have thought it falls under the remit of the Serious Fraud Office


      “•whether the actual or potential financial loss involved is high,
      •whether actual or potential economic harm is significant,
      •whether there is a significant public interest element, and
      •whether there is new species of fraud

      We also pursue criminals for the financial benefit they have made from their crimes, and assist overseas jurisdictions with their investigations into serious and complex fraud, bribery and corruption cases.

      We are unusual in the UK in that we both investigate and prosecute our cases”

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