Case Papers (1)

I have been unable until recently to make public the complaint against me and my defence to it. However, since the day of the first hearing in September, I have been free to do so but did not do so because I had assumed that the Standards Commission’s web site would have published all the… Continue reading Case Papers (1)

Reply from Walsh!

Cllr Walsh replied late this afternoon but only to me. My reply to that, copying in all other councillors, along with his reply is shown below. Make of it what you will. What I can say is that the allegation that we stage managed this issue is completely untrue. We knew that Robert wanted to… Continue reading Reply from Walsh!

No reply from Walsh

I wrote on Tuesday about the antics at the area committee that morning, here. This was the follow on from the disgraceful behaviour of the administration on Thursday last, read here. On Tuesday when I got home, I wrote to Cllrs Walsh and Scoullar as shown below. They haven’t replied and I think they’ll try… Continue reading No reply from Walsh

My hearing, day 2

I had asked that my 2nd day of hearing on 19 October be held in Dunoon, Inverclyde, Glasgow or Edinburgh, in that order. This was on the basis that if the intention of a public hearing was to ensure the maximum public attendance, this seemed logical. I had made much the same arguments about the… Continue reading My hearing, day 2

Democracy, Walsh style

I am on the train to Glasgow having given my apologies at this morning’s area committee meeting. I went at the start because Cllr MacIntyre wanted to give a statement about the manner in which he was removed as the chair of the area committee. Robert went up to the new chair, Cllr McNaughton before… Continue reading Democracy, Walsh style

Revenge, Walsh style

I said I had a few tales from the appalling council meeting last Thursday, so here is the second one. This is about what happens to people when you cross Dick Walsh, eg by not voting with him when he tells you or, in this case, the worst sin of all: resigning from his administration.… Continue reading Revenge, Walsh style