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Some of the evidence given to try and explain the context to what were, without doubt, testing relationships was given here. In particular I drew your attention to the personal statement I provided the commissioner, reproduced again at the link below. I suggest you read this, if you’ve not already done so, and then read some of the witness statements below.


A number of people gave witness statements and/or affidavits, for which I am very grateful. These were all lodged with the Standards Commissioners but they would not consider them until after they had reached their conclusion. But they were lodged and are a matter of public record now. These are all brief and are as follows:

The first one is mostly from a group of parents of children who were at Rothesay Joint Campus with some additonal material from me. It relates directly to part of what I had put in my personal statement at the link above:


This one, from Calum McMillan, was worded to counter the word uttered by Mr Sillars who was prosecuting the case for the commissioner. Mr Sillars said I had a “personal” interest in Calum’s case, whatever that was meant to mean:


The next 2 are from Cllrs Isobel Strong and Robert MacIntyre and cover Cllrs Bruce Marshall, Gordon Blair and Anne Horn:

affidavit-of-cllr-i-strong     affidavit-of-cllr-r-macintyre

This one is from Michael Russell MSP:


The next one is from Alan Stewart and appended to it is the detail of the loan offer to South Cowal Community Development Company:


This is from Cllr Dance who confirms that threats of being referred to the Standards Commissioner were made to her:


Dr Christopher Mason provided the following statement:


Mrs Heather Grier provided the following, as confirmation that the issue of care workers and the dire wages and conditions had been raised with Mr Sneddon quite separately from me:



To bring you up to date, there was a 3rd article in The National today about my case which can be read at the link below. You will note that the “serious questions” posed by the journalist have not exactly been answered.





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