Democracy, Walsh style

I am on the train to Glasgow having given my apologies at this morning’s area committee meeting. I went at the start because Cllr MacIntyre wanted to give a statement about the manner in which he was removed as the chair of the area committee.

Robert went up to the new chair, Cllr McNaughton before the meeting started to ask if he could make a statement. The law officer was at McNaughton’s side and it was agreed he could make a statement.

Then Cllr Walsh comes in, brushes past Cllr Blair and myself without the courtesy of saying hello (nothing new there by the way) and engages in a discussion with McNaughton and the law officer along with Cllr Scoullar.

Robert McIntyre is then told he cannot make a statement.

Robert tried again at the start of the meeting but was refused. Cllr Strong argued that when the same crew had deposed her as Provost back in 2013, she had been allowed to make a statement at the start of the council meeting when Scoullar took over. The request was still denied.

Cllr Walsh has┬áno locus whatsoever to interfere with the area meeting. He’s a councillor like all others, no more, no less.He’s always saying he has no executive authority to instruct officers, which us strictly true, but what took place between him, Scoullar, McNaughton and the law officer won’t be known. However, I did hear the word “statement” being used by them so it’s fair to assume someone was telling someone else not to allow the statement.

It just gets worse by the day but this is not local democracy, that’s for sure. I am off to a board meeting of SIFT ( where we all speak freely and where we treat each other like normal human beings. What a refreshing change that is.




  1. These days but not in Kilmoryshire it seems , one has to ensure that the workplace remains free from harassment and bullying. Council members must ensure that harassment is not allowed, condoned or ignored so why do the sheeple councillors (they know who they are) put up with this from Walsh? Whistleblowers still have protection..surely Robert will take this further.

  2. Hi Michael. Come and join the Dunoon Men’s Shed… Democracy rules here.. Maybe Walsh and his cronies would like to come along and learn a thing or two!!

  3. Councillor Robert MacIntyre is an entirely honourable man. To be treated this way is truly disgraceful and disresectful but sadly not surprising. On a positive note behaviour like this is a clear sign that they are getting increasingly desperate. It is evidence of a form of psychological warfare which they cannot win.
    “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”
    Keep blogging keyboard warrior!

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