Walsh the Silent

Since sending the list of questions to Cllr Walsh the other evening, he has been silent. This tactic is a well used one in Argyll & Bute and one Cllr Walsh is a master of. Earlier today he had received the list of demands that are now part of an on line petition, see link… Continue reading Walsh the Silent

Aftermath again

Last night I wrote to all councillors with the 4 complainants and the press all copied in. I asked Cllr Walsh the following questions since he has ignored my suggestion last week that he should resign. The complainants have said no elected member was involved but we all know very little happens in Kilmory without… Continue reading Aftermath again

Written Judgement

I today received the written judgement from last week’s hearing. This can be found at the link below. I have sent it out to all councillors this afternoon. 161026-final-written-decision-la-ab-1758 I have also sent councillors the email in question which found its way to For Argyll. This is what I said to them today (in blue)… Continue reading Written Judgement

Witnesses, today’s press

Some of the evidence given to try and explain the context to what were, without doubt, testing relationships was given here. In particular I drew your attention to the personal statement I provided the commissioner, reproduced again at the link below. I suggest you read this, if you’ve not already done so, and then read… Continue reading Witnesses, today’s press


I was found not guilty on 5 of the 6 alleged breaches of the code yesterday. Rather than repeat things, here is what Cllr Freeman from Helensburgh sent to all councillors followed by my reply. I copied in the 4 complainants and the press. If there is still anyone wanting to support the crowdfunder, it… Continue reading Victory

Case Papers ?

It had been clear to me that the potted history of Castle Toward given to the Standards Commissioner told far from the full story. How could a potted history do so you might ask but if you truncate something, it’s all the more important to ensure its accuracy. Knowing I would call Dr Christopher Mason… Continue reading Case Papers ?


My crowdfunder has done well but has run out of steam in the last while. It’s due to end by 25 October and it has raised just over £4k as of today’s date. I don’t know my exact costs off hand but they will exceed £10k by now. I’d like to publicly thank everyone for… Continue reading Crowdfunder

Case Papers (4) My defence

This follows on from the 3rd blog on the case papers, here. To try and explain to the Standards Commissioner the context in which I was operating as a councillor I sent them on additional information about the way in which the council operated. This material is at these links but you might like to… Continue reading Case Papers (4) My defence

Case files (3) My defence

I now need to provide the balance that the Standards Commisioner would not do and publish my defence against the complaint. It’s essential that I say up front that there will be plenty of unhappy people when they read this material but all of this could have been avoided had the 4 complainants taken one… Continue reading Case files (3) My defence

Case Papers (2)

I have managed to find a way of reducing the file sizes of the appendices to the complaint, first part of which is here. This was posted yesterday, 11th, but updated this morning as I had had a request to include a summary of the complaint, which I have tried to do. The appendices are… Continue reading Case Papers (2)