Cllr Walsh, who else?

The council meeting yesterday was utterly awful in every way possible. It started at 1000 and didn’t finish till just before 1730 but it was the behaviour of Cllr Walsh and his cronies that stood out. I have never seen such a divisive and nasty lot. I have a few stories from this but here’s a wee local one about the state of the 5 a side cages in Dunoon. These are in a dreadful state and have been for some time. The history of the management of the cages is under investigation by internal audit.

The good news is there was movement yesterday to upgrade the cages but I had the temerity to seek the views of the users to ensure the upgrade did what was needed to make them really useful to different user groups. Here is the email I sent today to 2 of these users, cc the 5 other Cowal and Dunoon Councillors. No more needs said I suggest, other than Messrs Walsh, McQueen and McNaughton might well stand again in May next year, so remember this:

Ian and Brian, as you know there was a paper at yesterday’s council meeting that included Dunoon’s 5 a side cages. I can’t say anything about the paper as it was exempt but I can let you know the following.

The council administration put forward a motion at this item and I asked if the words below, in red, could be incorporated into their motion. This would have met with the wishes of the users of the cages, was entirely non-contentious and cost neutral. They rejected that suggestion. I then put the same words forward as an amendment but this was defeated.

My amendment was seconded by Cllr Blair and he voted for it. Cllrs Walsh, McQueen and McNaughton all voted with the motion and against my amendment.

Cllr Marshall was unable to stay for this item as it was so late in the day (1720 I think).

You might wish to ask these 3 councillors why they have voted against the wishes of the citizens of this area, and not for the first time.


That the work to be carried out at the Dunoon 5 a side cages is based on the quotation from Allsports dated 10 March 2016, previously provided to the council. To allow for greater flexibility of use, ie 5–side, seven-a side and training etc, the installation of  a curtain arrangement to replace the existing wooden barriers between pitches is required and the cost of new goals can be omitted. This will leave the gross costs in the Allsports quotation approximately the same.

The tender for this facility should be specified accordingly.






  1. These councillors are a disgrace and I Sincerely hope people here will exercise their democractic right and fire them at the soon to come local elections!

  2. As one of the persons you sent the email to, and one of the persons representing the various clubs wishing for the pitches and floodlighting to be made fit for purpose, I am shocked and disappointed that two local councillors Walsh and McQueen, would vote against the amendment, thereby delaying the necessary work not only required, but also as a council responsibility under the agreement of grant originally provided for the installation of this facility.
    The council advocate for increased sporting opportunities, reduced obesity through active sport, encourage sports clubs to join the Sports Hub to continue the legacy of the Commonwealth games, yet fail to provide the facilities or the upkeep for them.
    I know that certain councillors feel their priority lies with Argyll & Bute as a whole but they should remember that they are only councillors due to LOCAL ward elections.

  3. It’s not about the cages, it’s not about making things right and fair, it’s about discrediting everything Councillor Breslin touches. They are trying to wear you down. You say black, they will say white. The reason?…They would rather you didn’t stand again. Sad but seems like the only explanation, bully Breslin till he gets fed up and throws in the towel…which is exactly why you mustn’t. Keep informing the public what’s going on. This is the power of the new media.

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