The hearing yesterday

I regret to say that the hearing yesterday did not conclude the case against me, despite the overwhelming evidence (in my view) that I am totally inoccent. I need to be careful about what I say so the text below is what I sent this evening to all the councillors in the council. You may find it interersting to know that the majority just ignore what I send them. You might want to remember this when they seek your vote in May next year.

Thanks to all for support of all kinds.

Evening everyone, here is a very brief update on the hearing yesterday.

Because the matter is not yet settled, I am limited in what I can say but I remain confident that my case is strong. That means, of course, that the case made by the complainants is anything but, in my view.

I have taken issue with the Standards Commissioner on what is on their website. I had thought all the case papers would be published but they only published their version of events. My view is that this is both wrong and partial and have asked them to rectify matters to show a more balanced position on the case. I await a reply.

I note below what I have said to the press today.


I was delighted with the manner in which my solicitor gave a clear rebuttal to the unfounded allegations against me. The clarity and logic of his arguments were evident to all present. I am, though, disappointed that this 16 month process did not reach a conclusion on Tuesday, especially when the hearing panel agreed they had all the necessary information. I assume they will now seek legal advice themselves prior to coming to a finding because the legal issues my solicitor argued were hard to counter. Even if they do find against me, I will be taking an appeal to the Sheriff Principal because I am convinced there was no breach of the code of conduct.


  1. Your a man of the People Michael, unlike the few at Kilmory who only look to further their own interests and personal agendas to the expense of the voters. More bad publicity for the top table, at Kilmory and all the lap dog councillors(they know who they are) shame on them.

  2. Best wishes in your quest for a complete acquittal. Keep pushing for all the case papers to be released. The Hearing was in public so why the reticence?

    So a “majority” of councillors are disinterested in the proceedings of an issue which strikes at the heart of the scrutinising job they’re supposed to do. Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised!

  3. This should have been resolved, well before reaching this point. You have become a convenient scapegoat for all the problems of the council. If only they didn’t have that pesky councillor asking tricky questions. Seems to me if officers had answered questions in the first place it wouldn’t have all got so tetchy. They are making themselves look ridiculous by pursuing this.

  4. Appalling, but not unexpected as this council is out of control and reprehensible!
    From my experience people in PUBLIC SERVICE who do not not allow proper scrutiny of their decision making have much to hide! Keep fighting Michael!

  5. The seriousness of the hearing was illustrated to me by two councillors sitting in front of me chatting, with one eating biscuits, the other drinking coke and playing ‘Bubbles’ most of the morning on his notebook. For the afternoon when I sat in front of them to be able to hear what was going on they were joined by a third. Conversation was constant and made listening to the proceedings impossible. I turned round and glared at them till they had the courtesy to get up and leave. Their personal conversations obviously more important to them than the hearing. Thank God for councillors like Mike Breslin. If he is not acquitted of the pathetic charges and given recourse to claim financial damages it will be yet one more disgrace on the Argyll and Bute Council record.

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