Public Hearing 20 Sept. 16

I last posted on the complaint against me and on the hearing here. I am again very grateful to those who have helped with the crowdfunder, with the total around £2k as of today.

I doubted very much if anything would happen today to reach some settlement so that the hearing could be cancelled. Nothing has happened so it will go ahead as planned at 1100 tomorrow, Tuesday 20th, in Kilmory.

In my defence, and to try and impress upon the Standards Commissioner the context in which councillors operate, I provided him and his staff with information that I would not otherwise have made public. That information is contained in the case papers to be published tomorrow. These should be at the link below at some point tomorrow morning.

I had a list of people I wanted to call as witnesses but the Standards Commissioner has stated that they will object to each and every one of my witnesses if the outcome from tomorow is a 2 day hearing in October. My list would have been a lot shorter had some of these same people been interviewed during the investigation, but that didn’t happen even though names were given to the Commissioner.

I had it confirmed today that none of my witnesses can attend tomorrow in case they are eventually called as witnesses. This is all somewhat baffling because the meeting is public and the press will be there. That means every word could be repeated by those present yet the witnesses are being denied the opportunity to attend.

Anyway, the case papers should be at this link tomorrow:



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