Complaint against me: update

I wrote about the complaint against me and the associated cost issues here. I am extremely grateful to everyone who has given me support, whether financial or in some other way. The crowdfunding site can be found here:

I have this morning emailed all councillors, as follows, and this is the latest position on the complaint and hearing:

Good morning all, a further update for you.

On Wednesday this week further attempts were made to seek a resolution to this to avoid the hearing on Tuesday. I would rather not go into details at the moment but these attempts, initiated by a 3rd party, focussed on what that 3rd party considered to be a sensible way forward. This was the middle of the 3 attempts to resolve the matter that I provided details of in the email below. I have pasted these words below for your information. We agreed with the 3rd party that we would still be willing to agree to this and we left it to that 3rd party to approach the complainants.

There was an expectation this would produce further contact on Thursday or Friday, but there was none. We have to assume that this was again rejected by the complainants, but we don’t know that for sure.

This means that the hearing will proceed on Tuesday coming unless something unexpected happens on Monday morning.  Let me be very clear: I have made every effort to find a compromise solution here so any consequential bad press cannot be laid at my door.


[Michael Breslin ] I have had further discussions with my solicitor about this and we suggest that instead of apologies, we look to draw a line under this with the following suggestion. The words are not set in stone so please see if these are broadly acceptable. The purpose of this form of words is to look to the future rather than backwards given that a mutual apology as previously suggested is not acceptable to the complainants.

The parties in this matter accept that relationships in the past have been strained and that all concerned will work together for the good of the Council. To ensure this happens, I undertake to treat all officers of the council with due respect. Officers of the council respect and accept that part of my role as a councillor is to scrutinise the activities of the Council and its staff and to ask for explanations and justifications where appropriate.




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