Cllr Walsh, who else?

The council meeting yesterday was utterly awful in every way possible. It started at 1000 and didn’t finish till just before 1730 but it was the behaviour of Cllr Walsh and his cronies that stood out. I have never seen such a divisive and nasty lot. I have a few stories from this but here’s… Continue reading Cllr Walsh, who else?

My hearing, an update

Yesterday, I provided a brief account of the hearing, here. My email to all councillors did get comments from a couple of councillors and I quote one of these now, from Cllr Bruce Marshall. I am simply letting you see this and this should not be read as  an endorsement from me: Michael As you… Continue reading My hearing, an update

The hearing yesterday

I regret to say that the hearing yesterday did not conclude the case against me, despite the overwhelming evidence (in my view) that I am totally inoccent. I need to be careful about what I say so the text below is what I sent this evening to all the councillors in the council. You may… Continue reading The hearing yesterday

Public Hearing 20 Sept. 16

I last posted on the complaint against me and on the hearing here. I am again very grateful to those who have helped with the crowdfunder, with the total around £2k as of today. I doubted very much if anything would happen today to reach some settlement so that the hearing could be cancelled.… Continue reading Public Hearing 20 Sept. 16

Complaint against me: update

I wrote about the complaint against me and the associated cost issues here. I am extremely grateful to everyone who has given me support, whether financial or in some other way. The crowdfunding site can be found here: I have this morning emailed all councillors, as follows, and this is the latest position on… Continue reading Complaint against me: update

My legal costs

My most recent update on the complaint against me can be read here. The earlier updates can be read here and here. I have been advised by many people to try and crowdfund to cover some or all of my legal costs. I have been reluctant to do this until  now but the costs are increasing… Continue reading My legal costs

Complaint against me: update

I have just emailed all councillors to inform them of the hearing next week and to confirm that it is open to the public. The text I sent them is shown below. As you all know, a hearing by the Standards Commissioners was scheduled for 20/21/22 September in Kilmory. This relates to a complaint made… Continue reading Complaint against me: update

Health & Social Care

This continues from my 2 previous posts, here and here. These posts dealt with the same subject but focussed on the antics of Cllr Walsh and his refusal to submit a motion to the next council meeting. He has been reading my blog and has taken offence at what I have said. He’s asked me… Continue reading Health & Social Care