Health & Social Care

It’s Scottish Government policy that health & social care services are integrated. This makes absolute sense given the close connections between health services managed by the NHS and social care services managed by the local authorities. The model in Argyll & Bute is a legally consituted body called the Integrated Joint Board for Health &… Continue reading Health & Social Care

Update on complaint/hearing

My last post was about the complaint & hearing, details here. I had what they call a pre-hearing meeting at the offices of the Standards Commission in the Scottish Parliament on Thursday past. What happened I won’t say at this point on the advice of my solicitor but let’s just say someone has blinked, and… Continue reading Update on complaint/hearing

The Complaint & The Hearing

I have heard from a number of sources in the council that it’s been common knowledge among staff that there’s to be a hearing about the complaint against me. This was inevitable since the Standards Commissioners’ office booked the venue for the 20th, 21st and 22nd of September. I always thought that the 22nd was… Continue reading The Complaint & The Hearing