First post in a long while

I apologise for having been very quiet in recent months. Much time has been spent fighting the complaint made against me by 4 senior council officers.

I know that council officers monitor this blog so the last thing I want to do is give anyone the slightest excuse to submit another complaint.

I am still unable to give you any details on the current complaint other than it will probably go to a public hearing in mid September. At that time, I may be able to give you more details and, I suspect, you will be astonished at what’s going on.

What has happened to me should be a warning to any person thinking about standing for election in next year’s local authority elections. If you stand up for the people who elected you; if you take up causes that you believe to be just; if you are persistent in trying to resolve matters and if you act to try and improve an out of touch council, then there is a good chance you will have a complaint made against you.

That’s how poor democracy is at a local level is in Scotland. The odds are stacked against the citizens of our country and things have to change. The public hearing might just be the start of that change.


  1. A public hearing would be an excellent means of highlighting the issue or issues and would surely be advantageous to yourself. For that reason I cannot see the council going down that route.

  2. You ask for change Michael, well, you just might get your wish with local elections due next year,hopefully @theSNP will wipe the floor of those Labour in Scotland run cartel councils being abolished ! Hope you’re still there to welcome more @theSNP council members to that cliche !

    1. Why would the burgers of Argyll and Bute vote SNP? They did that at the last council elections and were then treated to acts of selfishness and petulance rarely seen in public life; the SNP refused to govern, had three goes at not governing in fact, then abandoned ship competely and left us with the previously rejected council administration.

  3. I’m not affiliated to any particular political party but each has had something to offer. That said, however, it is despicable the way A&BC and the some of the elected councillors treat their fellow councillors for having the courage to STAND UP for what he, or she believes to be correct for one and all. For far too long this ‘Band of Aged Councillors’ has run roughshod, without a care in the world, over us, the electors. It is to be hoped that the elections in 2017 will introduce new young blood for the good Argyll and Bute.

  4. A possible public hearing in September !? Given that the circumstances you suggest could trigger a complaint against a councillor are seen as essentially the fundamental functions of a councillor I am intrigued at the Council’s willingness for a dirty laundry washing day.

  5. The folk,the people, aren’t willing to listen to Kilmory anymore. Just as Tony Blair found out during the week, just as David Cameron found out during the week, the Kilmory gravy train ,will get its comeuppance at the local elections this year.The Scottish Government have already started de-centralising services and allowing governance at the lowest local level the petulant spoilt faces at Kilmory will be no more when democracy returns. Hang in Michael your doing great.

  6. Very pleased to hear that you are continuing with your efforts to make this Council more accountable. Sadly the majority of your fellow Councillors seem intimidated by the bluff and bluster that masquerades as ‘democracy’ in Kilmory.
    Those senior officials alluded to lost our respect a long time ago. Unfortunately the current system serves only to protect the incompetent. The time for change is long overdue.

  7. The culture in the council is completely wrong, paid officers call all the shots. Dick Walsh doesn’t make a move without checking out what to say.

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