The reason why this site hasn’t had any new content for some time is quite simple. I’ve been very busy trying to defend myself against the 2nd complaint submitted to the Standards Commissioner.

While I was cleared on the first complaint, the second one, submitted by the 4 most senior council officers, is still being considered and I have provided the Commissioner with detailed evidence in response. I am not allowed to give any details about the complaint so I won’t do that. The original information on it, provided before I knew the Commissioner was going to consider the complaint, can be found in May last year, here:

Argyll & Bute: how it works: a complaint against me

The first complaint, though, has not resulted in an apology from any of the 3 councillors who probably wasted thousands of pounds of public money by making the complaint. The full judgement in my favour can be found here:


I plan to update the blog weekly starting later this week.



  1. I am unaware of the details of the second complaint but trust the outcome will be similar to that of the first. I can’t imagine how honestly expressing concerns about local issues and the way the Council and Council officers address them can give grounds for a Code of Conduct complaint. Isn’t this all part of the checks and balance administrative system which is supposed to operate?

    Aye, Iain

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