Public Servants: or are they?

There may be no immediate parallels to the awfulness of Hillsborough and it’s aftermath but if you think about it, there are parallels with the culture that surrounded it. Scotland is every bit as bad as elsewhere in the UK, I am ashamed to say. Public service has become a misnomer; it’s often about public… Continue reading Public Servants: or are they?

Some thoughts on Dunoon

With the rollout of RET on almost all the CalMac routes, the situation of Dunoon is increasingly fragile. Last week I went to Skye using the Mallaig to  Armadale route. This is a 40 minute journey and the return fare for myself and the car came to £24.40. If you don’t buy tickets in advance… Continue reading Some thoughts on Dunoon


The reason why this site hasn’t had any new content for some time is quite simple. I’ve been very busy trying to defend myself against the 2nd complaint submitted to the Standards Commissioner. While I was cleared on the first complaint, the second one, submitted by the 4 most senior council officers, is still being… Continue reading Update