I have been rather quiet on this site since I published the last piece about the plight of the care workers. The reason for the silence is that other matters have taken over.

One of them has ended well, ie the complaint from Cllrs Walsh, E Morton and Scoullar. I have described this complaint as a nasty and vindictive one, and it was. The Buteman article last week on this, together with the link to the Commissioner’s report, can be found here:


The real issue that has taken up my time in the last few weeks is another matter entirely, details of which I am unable to make public.

I will do a more detailed update later in the week.


  1. Complete exoneration Mike! Congratulations, nothing like justice being seen to be done. Can you now expect apologies from Messrs Walsh, Morton and Scouller and perhaps their resignations on the back of false allegations which in themselves must surely be a breach of the councillors Code of Conduct? It would appear there has been a misconstrued and vindictive attempt to villify an elected councillor for reasons which can only be speculated upon. I won’t do so but others no doubt will – especially on Bute!

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