Budget Day

Today is the council budget day. After much work and professional help from strategic finance officers, we finally have a budget that’s been deemed competent.

The amendment we will submit today is at the link below.

reform group amendment 11 feb 16

The appendix, which gives more detail, is at the link below.

reform group appendix 11 feb 16

Let’s hope we get some support because the feedback from the public has been very strongly in favour. I have no idea what our fellow councillors will do mind you !



  1. Ain`t it funy (ha ha) how they ignore us the public when they don’t need any favours, such as being voted in..but the people, wont forget this one to quickly when it comes to voting time, exclusion is the biggest form of punishment..2017 will testify that.

  2. Michael,

    I would like to have a meeting with you soon, as I am most interested in knowing the reaction to the Reform Group’s budget.


    Dave ________________________________________

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