Reform Group Budget

I had hoped to be able to let you see a final version of the budget earlier today but we still do not know if officers will accept that our budget  is competent. There have been a number of last minute queries/comments, some of which could have been asked/made 3 weeks ago. One of these was that, since we’re proposing management cuts rather than front line ones:

this proposal will create a basis for the majority, if not all, of the Chief Officers to pursue claims for constructive dismissal/compulsory redundancy and resulting cost would be significant. 

Make of this what you will folks but we have pointed out that if true, then all of the front line staff affected by what the administration is proposing could also claim constructive dismissal.

Anyway, the latest version of our budget proposal can be seen at the link below.

budget details appendix 10 february


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  1. Michael
    Indeed!! The old saying of “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander”… Seems our “leaders” think it’s fine to get rid of front line staff but not those in overpaid and unproductive positions… Absolute shame on them..

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