Reform Group Budget

Thanks to all of you who have commented on our budget proposals. We’ve been listening to the views expressed, most of which have come by email and don’t appear on the blog.

We’re working on some tweaks to the budget at the moment bearing in mind what has been said and also based on comments from council officers.

A final version will be published mid week.

Meanwhile, Cllr James Robb is in hot water over comments he made about our budget. He called it the “Retard budget” then tried to tell the Dunoon Observer the email someone had sent them was a forgery. It wasn’t a forgery of course so this makes Robb dishonest into the bargain. He knew what he had written and he refuses to apologise. Now in today’s Dunoon Observer we have the SNP Group Leader, Sandy Taylor, saying this wasn’t Robb’s view at all. If it wasn’t his view, why did he write it? Sandy should have isolated Robb by saying that this most certainly wasn’t the SNP Group’s view, which I am sure is the case. Dunoon Observer story below.

page 1 Dunoon Observer 5 Feb 16

page 2 Dunoon Observer 5 Feb 16




  1. Michael hello

    When the response to an argument gets absurd and even abusive – you know the other side has lost! I object to Cllr Robb’s language, replace the word retard with Jew/Woman/Muslim and we’d be out on the streets!

    Keep going

    Kind regards


  2. Michael,

    The conduct of certain Argyll and Bute councillors just gets worse and worse. To think that they are in an elected position to represent people. A nest of snakes and vipers.

    Dave Dewar ________________________________________

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