How Argyll & Bute Works: Senior Staff Costs

In an earlier post today (Sunday 29 November) I mentioned the cuts to the Additional Supports Need service in our schools. You may have worked out that the poorest paid staff are the ones losing their jobs. The average full time salary appears to be in the region of £13,500.

You may be interested to know what the top 3 tiers of management cost us. Ignore the people involved because this is all about posts, not the folk in those posts. The costs below are the employment costs, ie salary plus employer oncosts such as NI and pension etc, but these let you see what these posts really cost us.

Chief Executive                              £158,235

Executive Directors                      £126,000 (times 3)

Head of Strategic Finance         £92,706

Heads of Service                             £92,700 (times 11)

In total, if you add up the top 3 tiers plus their immediate administrative and clerical support, the costs come to £2,052,730.

More to follow.



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