How Argyll & Bute Works: the harsh reality of Cllr Walsh’s secret service

I have never had a day when I have had so many phone calls from members of the public. The topic? Service Choices or Cllr Walsh’s secretive way of inflicting pain on us.

People who read the Dunoon Observer and then went on line to see what was put into the public domain late yesterday were enraged. No wonder. The sham of calling this Service Choices was there for all to see. Cllr Walsh and his cronies want to create havoc with services, jobs and our already weak local economy.

To see what they possibly have in store for us, have a read of the papers for next week’s Policy and Resources meeting. Cllr Walsh’s secret group are responsible for this short sighted and damaging set of proposals. These papers can be read here:

Public reports pack Thursday 08-Oct-2015 10.30 Policy and Resources Committee

They want to do some really stupid things like cut support in classrooms while spending £76k more on spin doctors. Read the papers at the link above to see how really dumb these proposals are. They ought to make you very angry indeed.

More tomorrow.


  1. Michael,

    Have just read the proposed cuts which are savage. The public and staff concerned will be horrified. Does Gordon Nish know about these? Hopefully the Observer will major on these in the next edition.


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