How Argyll & Bute Works: The shame of Castle Toward

Today the press carries a number of pieces about the disgraceful decision not to sell the property to the local community and, instead, to sell it to a private developer.

I emailed my fellow councillors this morning about this. People locally are still angry at what’s been done; some, in fact, are seething with anger. I spoke to some of these last Saturday and I can well understand their anger. Cllr Walsh carries the can for this in my view. Had he, as leader of the council, shown any support for the community buyout it would have happened. You might wish to know that he hasn’t attended a South Cowal Community Council meeting for about a year because he knows he would be with people who all supported the buyout. Bad decisions are one thing but cowardice is worse. He has failed us all.

The other local councillor, Jimmy McQueen, has never attended a community council meeting in his life. He also voted down the community buyout and he has failed us too.

The first link below is from 11 years ago.

But there is a more upbeat element to this with a new campaign launched by Kerry Nixon. It has had huge coverage as can be seen from the 3 links below. Let’s hope this works and thank you Kerry and all your supporters.

Famous names rally to save Castle Toward

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