Suicide Prevention Week, a post on behalf of Audrey Forrest

Audrey Forrest has asked that I post this on her behalf:



Many of us will have been affected by the suicide of a family member or friend. It is something which has a devastating effect on those left behind who are left struggling with loss and a bewildering catalogue of emotions and questions.

In “Suicide Prevention Week” (7th-13th September), there will be a Memorial Service for anyone who has been touched or bereaved by suicide. This service will be for those of all faiths and none; a time and space to remember and an opportunity, if desired, to talk. The service will be gentle and meditative. There will be no pressure on anyone coming to do anything. Tea and coffee will be available after the service and there will be literature from Choose Life whose aim is suicide prevention.

They work and educate people to make suicide less taboo in the hope that, if people feel free to speak about it, then some lives may be saved. The service will take place in the High Kirk at 7.30 on Wednesday 9th September. Please come along and share memories of those we have loved. The service will be conducted by local ministers Aileen Robson and Andrew Swift and is being arranged in partnership with ACUMEN (Advancing Community Understanding of Mental and Emotional Needs.)

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