How Argyll & Bute Works: Castle Toward from 2004

Here is a piece from the Guardian I came across recently. It seems the same problem people are still in charge in oor council. Yes indeed, they are ! Enjoy because it’s time the problems resigned.

How Argyll & Bute Works: Castle Toward again

With the publication of the papers for this week’s meeting of the council’s scrutiny committee, a supplementary paper appeared late on Friday written by Ian Ross, chair of the scrutiny committee. His paper can be read at this link: SUPPLEMENTARY PACK 1 FOR PERFORMANCE REVIEW AND SCRUTINY COMMITTEE Thursday 27-Aug-2015 10 00 Per It is… Continue reading How Argyll & Bute Works: Castle Toward again

Boundary Commission Proposals

The Boundaries Commission has produced proposals that, among other things, will see the demise of the Cowal ward that currently has 3 councillors. The reality is that the population fall in Argyll & Bute is particularly problematic in Bute and Cowal and the Boundaries Commission have to ensure there is an appropriate number of councillors… Continue reading Boundary Commission Proposals

Update 14 August

I wrote a piece about the 1914-1919 war and the talk by the wonderful Margaret Hubbard. To read it, click here. I should have said that she’s written several books about Innellan and these are available in the Lido Innellan or the Dunoon Observer shop in Dunoon. Well worth reading, front covers pictured above of 2… Continue reading Update 14 August

Land Reform

There are still people around who think that land reform is a topic for lefties whose only interest is having a go at those with land out of jealousy. This is far from the case. Land reform is about bringing Scotland into the 21st century and it’s about realising the embedded value in land by… Continue reading Land Reform