How Argyll & Bute doesn’t work: yes folks there’s more!

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Castle Toward

I am continuing to seek some clarity on why Cllr Walsh insists this property sale will not be handled by the area committee but rather by the full council. I have been told it’s a “strategic” property and that a decision in the past somewhere made it so. Apparently that same decision also said that sales of such properties were to be handled by the full council. This, despite the fact that the recently amended council constitution appears to say differently. I have asked for the minutes of this dim and distant meeting but so far they have not surfaced.

Meanwhile, it now appears the Castle Toward estate is off the market. I made some enquiries and was eventually told that we were now past the closing date. I asked if there had been any offers to be told that the matter is now “confidential”. The fact that I am one of the 3 ward councillors appears to be neither here nor there. I bet you, though, that one of the other ward councillors, Cllr Walsh, knows what is going on. Confidential it won’t be for him.

Dick’s obsession with secrecy continues unabated.

The Budget

Despite lots of asks,  there has been a refusal to send me the budget pack that was taken off me last Friday, There has also been a refusal to send me the slides that were used. I have made it clear that I am being denied information in a way that obstructs me from doing my job as a councillor. I have asked again today for the information that they wish to keep me well away from.

The National

See link below to The National today about the treatment of Cllr Vivien Dance.

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