Castle Toward, the aftermath continues.

Alan Stewart of South Cowal Community Development Company has written again to Mrs Loudon the chief executive of the council. He has also written again to Cllr Walsh. These letters are on Facebook and are reproduced here for information.

Dear Ms Louden

Disappointingly I have not yet had a response, other than an acknowledgement, from my email below.

However today I see an article published in the National newspaper:,

This article is extremely concerning as it not only reinforces the claims of deliberate interference in the Castle Toward project, but this time the claims are not anonymous. Moreover they have been made by a very senior and experienced councillor.

In view of the fact that there now appears to be evidence of this interference, I must insist you take the following actions immediately:

  1. 1. Cease all marketing of the Castle Toward Estate
  2. 2.Instigate an immediate external independent investigation into the actions of the council
  3. 3. Invite Police Scotland to examine the reasons behind the actions of the individuals concerned.

As I have said before, the community is baffled as to why our own council could not support this major investment and the many jobs that would have been created. If, as now appears to be the case, our own councillors were deliberately blocking us for reasons as yet unknown, we need to know why.


Alan Stewart

Alan’s letter to Cllr Walsh is as follows:

Dear Councillor Walsh

I see that an article carried in today’s National newspaper:, reiterates and expands on claims that you and some of your colleagues deliberately acted to stop the community buyout of Castle Toward.

The difference between this and previous allegations is that they are no longer anonymous. They have been made by a very experienced councillor.

As it now appears to be the case that the council as a whole and you in particular deliberately acted against the wishes of the majority of your constituents, your position as leader of this council has now become untenable. You should step aside and allow the council to instigate an external examination of the actions of the council.

The reasons for your blocking the project now need to be established. You were elected to serve the interests of the people of Cowal, and to try and improve our lot, within the constraints of the current economic climate. To deliberately reject a £10 million project, with 100 jobs and an annual return to the area of close to £1 million, and with the support of HIE, The Scottish Government, SLF, National lottery and 10000 signatories to a petition, has baffled the community and needs examining.

Until such time as the true facts can be established, the sale of the Castle should be immediately halted. I understand that the council is currently considering an offer for the estate, if this is the case it should be rejected until such time as the true facts are known.


Alan Stewart

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