How Argyll & Bute Works: more budget secrecy

In a post here, I told you about the farce last Friday at the seminar for councillors on the budget. Here’s an update and it’s beginning to look like I am being further marginalised by denying me access to information I believe I have a right to access.

You may recall that they took the pack away from me on the day, complete with the notes I had made, despite me saying publicly I wanted to consider all the options and make a written submission this week sometime. On Saturday morning I emailed the officer who took my pack and asked for it to be put in the post to me on Monday. I got a reply yesterday, Tuesday, to say the team looking at the packs had it, implication being she could not send it back. I replied and asked for the pack back.

At the seminar last Friday I also asked for a copy of the slides the officers used. I followed this up the same day with an email asking for them. To date no reply.

Last night I sent an email to Mr Hendry saying I was being denied information that I had a right to have and asking that this was treated as top priority and resolved this morning.

What kind of way is this to treat an elected member? It is absolutely outrageous in my view. Somebody is pulling the strings here. The question is who is the puppet master?

More to follow.


  1. Mike. Does A&BC have a “Dignity at Work Policy”? I read the General Medical Council’s version and it is quite informative. It A&BC has such a policy and is failing it’s employees, as we know it is, it opens A&BC up to a raft of potential criminal investigations by the police. Alistair

    1. Not so sure re the police Alistair but the council does have a policy that, I think, equates to what you suggest. Read:

      The problem is that there is some dubiety over the exact status of a councillor. While salaries are paid by the council and they handle NI and tax etc. I have been told in the past that councillors are not employees of the council.


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