How Argyll & Bute works: Castle Toward raises its head again

I have been unable to get a satisfactory reply as to why the Bute & Cowal Area Committee will again be bypassed when any sale of the Castle Toward estate comes up. I have been told that it’s a “strategic” property and that some years ago the council agreed it would handle the sale of any such property. I have asked to see the minute but so far, nothing. However, the For Sale sign has been removed from the estate in the past few days so maybe something is afoot, who knows.

One of the Castle Toward supporters, Lorna Ahlquist, today submitted a complaint to Mrs Loudon about the failed community buy out. Her letter is published here now with Lorna’s consent.  Dear Ms Loudon public

Lastly, Lesley Riddoch, who attended the People’s Council event in Oban on Saturday (see my blog on this here) had an article about local government in today’s Scotsman. This can be read at the link below.

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