Argyll & Bute: how it works: a complaint against me

I have just received my post and in it was a letter from the council chief executive Mrs Loudon.

She and her colleagues have submitted a complaint against me to the Ethics and Standards Commissioner. If the commissioner decides to investigate the complaint I am not allowed to say anything in public about the proceedings. However, it may not be investigated so at this point I can make the letter from Mrs Loudon public, see below.

letter from s loudon 25 may 2015


  1. Hi Michael

    It’s amazing how a critical but positive stance engenders such a quick and somewhat draconian response. It is also noteworthy that it seems to be officials rather than elected that are in the frontline. (Incidentally, their arguments seem based on self-interest and are, consequently, quite weak. You could ask for Cllr Walsh’s support …. in the interests of democracy, open and transparent government and the right of Councillors to scrutinise.)

    Perhaps this may force all into more transparency re decision making.



  2. Wow! This’ll enhance your street cred no end. Don’t the senior officials subscribe to the tenet of “stop digging when …

    Its unfortunate the Code of Conduct provisions allegedly breached were not specified. Can we perhaps be enlightened? It would be interesting to gauge how they fit with the concept of “open and transparent governance” (a sadly misused term).

  3. hi mike,well done,I’ve often thought that councillors should have a bus made available to ferry them to kilmory but your thoughts on this have hit the nail on the head,localised councils are the way to go

  4. If a complaint is taken up by the commissioner, I will then get a copy of the complaint with the details. However, I will be forbidden to make these public unless some exemption is given, which I will ask for.

  5. well done mike you & carmichael have something in common, (both being reported to the ethics comissioner) but I,m sure you will come out better off. They certainly have a bee in their bonnet.

  6. How depressingly predictable. Dissent will not be tolerated. It’s the Argyll and Bute way.
    The silver lining in this malodorous cloud is that it will generate more (negative) publicity about the council. I doubt that they will come out of this smelling of roses.
    Good luck!

  7. This is ridiculous!! I’ve been following this for a while and have been appalled by what has happened. There are a few people that gave conducted themselves inappropriately in relation to Castle Toward, but you Sir, are not one! Will the others be reported? I highly doubt it!!

    Surely the constituents of Argyll and Bute could hold a vote of no confidence in the council and force an early election?

  8. Why am I not surprised? Although I cannot comment on the specifics as outlined in para.1, I do take exception to Ms. Loudon’s penultimate paragraph. As you know Michael, my own experiences over many years in attempting to obtain anything remotely approaching honesty and transparency when dealing with senior officials have come to nothing. We have a CEO who has proved to be weak and ineffective and easily manipulated by her senior staff. Time for change……….could this signal the beginning of the end? I do hope so.

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