I heard from a number of sources that there was to be an offer for Castle Toward now that it is back on the market after the failure of the community buyout. One of the issues that came up during the attempted community buyout was the fact that the sale never at any point went before the Bute & Cowal Area Committee. That is where the sale should have been dealt with but mechanisms were found to ensure this did not take place.

It looks as though history is about to repeat itself. I decided to ask Cllr Walsh if the area committee would deal with any new offers for the estate. He has said no, it will be dealt with by the council. As far as I am concerned this is completely against the council constitution, again.

My correspondence with him on this is at the link below. It appears that perhaps the constitution is only there to be adhered to when others think it’s appropriate rather than all the time. Can you imagine the rage of the members of a sports club if the club president flouted the constitution whenever it suited him or her?

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emails to and from Cllr Walsh re sale of Castle Toward in May 15

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