I took a call late yesterday from one of Cllr Walsh’s army of yes men and women about another matter entirely but during the course of the call this person told me that the so called project board dealing with the budget, ie the one referred in in the last 2 posts and the one where no other councillor gets papers or minutes, is operating on a strict secrecy basis. I was told that all of the members of this group agreed that what is discussed in the room stays in the room.

Welcome to North Korea folks. My email of this morning is shown below. Sadly, it appears that the 4 members of the SNP Group who are members of this project board signed up to this secrecy.

From: Breslin, Michael Sent: 09 May 2015 10:07 To: Loudon, Sally Cc: Dance, Vivien; Marshall, Bruce; Walsh, Dick; Hendry, Douglas Subject: RE: service choices project board [NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED]

This element of my query is for the council leader.

I was told yesterday by one of your administration councillors that what is discussed at this project board is to be secret within the members of this group. Please confirm if this is correct Cllr Walsh because the person who told me is not part of this group. Given that no papers have been circulated to all elected members and given that there hasn’t been a minute of the first meeting, I think the information I was given is almost certainly correct but your confirmation is required please.

Thank you

Michael Breslin

Independent Councillor, Ward 7 Dunoon

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