Argyll & Bute Council 13 April 15

Cllr Dick (tator) Walsh has produced his first attempt at what needs to be done with the council budget over the next few years.

He and his administration were, for the most part, No voters in last year’s referendum but he doesn’t associate his No vote with the big budget problem we have in Argyll & Bute, a problem made worse here by the declining population.

He also fails to see the association between his pathetic leadership of the council over many years and the declining population, but that’s another story.

Here are 3 “highlights” from Walsh and his band of loyal supporters:

1.  Cut 20% off the adult care budget despite knowing it’s already under resourced and that the elderly population is increasing fast.

2.  He has tried to hide various things from view by saying they can’t be part of the cuts. One such item is the salaries and travel costs of councillors would you believe. This will allow Dick and his pals to continue to travel needlessly to and from Kilmory and to reward loyalty of votes with jobs, some undeserved.

3.  The communications spend is to be increased by, apparently, taking on an outside team of spin doctors !

Well done Cllr Walsh. You are consistent though in ruining Argyll & Bute.

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